Scarlett Lester is from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and she joined the Xcelerator team as a consultant case manager in January 2022. She has an associate’s degree in paralegal studies and has worked as a paralegal since 2011 in six states: Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho.

She has been fascinated by law and the legal process since she was a child. She originally planned on working in criminal law, but after gaining experience in the personal injury sector, she fell in love with helping injured people gain control over unexpected and difficult situations.

As a paralegal, Scarlett works hard to help reassure victims that it’s their right to seek a fair recovery after accidents and injuries. Her biggest accomplishment in her career is consistently averaging more than $3 million per year in pre-litigation settlements for her clients.

Scarlett has a personal connection with every injured victim she helps because her family has been in their shoes. In March 2021, her husband and daughter were in a serious car accident, and her husband suffered a chronic injury that causes lifelong pain. This life-changing experience helps her empathize with and champion the rights of people who were injured due to no fault of their own.

In her free time, Scarlett enjoys attending as many concerts as humanly possible and spending time with her husband, her daughter, and her dachshund.