PRESS RELEASE: Unlocking Legal Success: Chad Dudley to Share Knowledge on Maximizing Profitability Through Innovative Workflows at Trial Lawyers Summit

January 19, 2024

NASHVILLE [Jan. 19, 2024] — Chad Dudley, a recognized figure in the legal industry, is set to participate in a panel discussion titled “Workflow Process Targeted at Profit” at the upcoming Trial Lawyers Summit. The summit will take place at Loews Miami Beach Hotel in […]

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Intake & Marketing at Personal Injury Firms: Two Critical Departments Working Together

November 27, 2023

  You often hear us talk about how Intake is the lifeblood of your PI firm. While that is true – something that is often overlooked is the critical relationship between intake and marketing. If marketing efforts are working and intake is operating efficiently, you […]

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You are on the Clock: How Setting a Trial Date Can Drive Your Case Value

November 20, 2023

As a trial lawyer, you already know how much of a dance it can be to get an insurance company to acknowledge your client’s losses and then do what they’ve contracted to do, which is to make your client whole. There’s one sure way to […]

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Do I Really Want to Try Cases? Finding the Right Balance as a Personal Injury Lawyer

October 2, 2023

As personal injury lawyers begin to make their way through their practice, an important question often arises: “Do I want to be a trial lawyer, or am I okay just getting good settlements?” This is an important fork in the road, and the path you […]

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The Power of Collective Wisdom: Collaborating on Complex Personal Injury Cases

July 5, 2023

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard   Collaboration amongst our 60 lawyers has been a critical element of the firm’s success. Even our most experienced lawyers find that they benefit from routine analysis and input from our up […]

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AI: A Game-Changer in Personal Injury Litigation

June 20, 2023

Written by: Paul Wilkins, Chief Litigation and Strategy Officer at Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers   It’s an understatement to say that the arena of personal injury law is as diverse as the clients we represent. As plaintiff attorneys, we often find ourselves on our toes, […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Chad Dudley and Micki Love to Speak at PILMMA Super Summit in New Orleans

May 15, 2023

NASHVILLE, Tenn., (May 15, 2023)—Law Firm Xcelerator co-founders, Chad Dudley and Micki Love, are set to be featured speakers at the upcoming PILMMA (Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing and Management Association) Super Summit. The event will take place at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New Orleans, […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Xcelerate Your Average Fee 2023 Conference a Resounding Success

May 9, 2023

NASHVILLE, Tenn., (May 8, 2023)—The personal injury law conference, Xcelerate Your Average Fee 2023, held at the Joseph Hotel in Nashville, came to a close after two days of insightful presentations and informative networking opportunities. The conference was attended by PI attorneys and their staff […]

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Top Takeaways from PI Conference, Xcelerate Your Average Fee 2023

May 2, 2023

Last week, top PI attorneys from around the country joined us in Nashville, TN for Xcelerate Your Average Fee 2023. Throughout the conference, we talked through the specific steps that attorneys can take to maximize case value and ensure that they are getting the absolute […]

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On the Personal Injury Scene: Case Manager and Intake Boot Camp Top Takeaways

March 12, 2023

The Law Firm Xcelerator Case Manager and Intake Boot Camps took place earlier this month in New Orleans and were a huge success. These departments can often be overlooked in the PI world, especially when it comes to investing in team training. This event brought […]

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Personal Injury Law: Identifying Settlement Value, #2

February 27, 2023

KEY CASE INTERVAL REVIEWS We all understand that there are a number of possible unexpected or unknown circumstances and facts that shape any case management strategy. If these facts are reviewed for and monitored at certain intervals in the file life, it will maximize the […]

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Setting the Foundation for a Strong Intake Department

December 14, 2022

A Personal Injury law firm’s intake department is the lifeblood of the firm. Without intake, signing up new cases for your firm can be a daunting task. Whether you have an in-house team or outsource your intake calls, the foundation that makes a great intake […]

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Case Value Blog One: Identifying Settlement Value

November 30, 2022

PROVIDING SETTLEMENT VALUE TO PERSONAL INJURY CLIENTS  If you own, operate, or work with a personal injury firm, you have space and a need to introduce accurate case management and valuation strategies into your legal operations. Whether you are with a high volume pre-litigation personal […]

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The Importance of Consistent Client Contact

November 16, 2022

For anyone who has attended any of our personal injury law firm conferences you have probably heard Chad Dudley say that consistent client contact is the “secret sauce” to increasing a firm’s average fee. I like to take that one step further and say that […]

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Introducing: Xcelerator

November 9, 2022

This summer, Xcelerator Law Firm Consultants officially launched – a full service Personal Injury Law Firm consulting agency led by Chad Dudley and Micki Love. Over the past few months, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some outstanding personal injury firms, host case manager […]

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